Top Paid Android Apps Reviews of 2010

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There are various paid applications for the Android.  Android software packages were specifically made for mobile devices and a lot of cellular phone carriers offer some sort of Android phone. All of the top applications for this particular phone are all under five dollars.

The top paid application for 2010 was something called beautiful widgets. This contained widgets which include weather forecasts, different clocks, and different skins; basically all the little gadgets that help people personalize their cellular device. This application cost two dollars and four cents. The next on the list was called talking tom cat. It’s a cute little cat that you can play with on your phone and it will repeat everything you say to it in a funny little voice.

The rest on the top ten lists for 2010 include various games, wallpapers, and file managers. These applications may not be your personal favorites; these are just based off of reviews found on the web. When it comes to applications, they really depend on the user – some people may like games while others like more practical apps.


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