Paperland Live Wallpaper Android App Review

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The Paperland Live Wallpaper is a delightful app for Android, providing users with a whimsical and creative paper cut out background to liven up an otherwise fairly uninteresting screen. With creative and flexible options, users are given the freedom to choose a specific time of day for their animation or enjoy the changes in colors as the sun and moon rise throughout the day.

With so much of the mundane and the ordinary in many apps today, the Paperland Live Wallpaper app takes creativity to an entirely new level. Providing a variety of creative themes and colors, this app provides users with the opportunity to enjoy a custom and unique experience every day as they view their own custom Paperland Live Wallpaper

Featuring an amusing assortment of unique themes, the Paperland Live Wallpaper app includes different themes for a silent night, a desert migration, and a fun beach experience.

Paperland Pro

For app users who are looking for a little more flexibility with their screens and the ability to create their own themes, the Paperland Pro version is a perfect enhancement. With the Paperland Pro version of the app, users get to enjoy several additional themes. Included in these additional theme options are:





*And many more!

With so many great themes to choose from in the Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper app, there are options for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to greater theme options and flexibility, the Paperland Pro version also provides users with control over their colors and objects. This type of enhancement can allow the more creative users the ability to create a completely  customized wallpaper experience.

System Requirements

With the Paperland Live Wallpaper app version 1.1, Android 2.3 or higher is required.

Paperland Settings Widget

You can gain even more flexibility by downloading the Paperland settings widget. With this helpful widget, users can easily customize and change settings. The settings widget is simple to download, providing convenient and easy access. Users simply need to go to the Menu area in the Home screen. Click on Add and select Paperland from the Widgets menu. Once your new widget is downloaded, you can begin enjoying easy setting changes.


With an average user rating at a 4.4/5, we proudly give the Paperland Live Wallpaper Android app a 4.5. This clever app provides users with a convenient and creative way to liven up an otherwise dull home screen. With the clever, animated paper cut outs of Paperland Live Wallpaper, your home screen can truly come alive.



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