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GO Launcher EX is the newest version of GO Launcher, a popular free home application for Android phones. This app allows you to customize the look and feel of your Android phone so it’s uniquely yours.

About the App

If you are new to the Android phone market, you may not be familiar with GO Launcher EX (or the older version, GO Launcher), a free app that gives you options for customizing the programmed launcher or home screen for your phone. Native launch screens are different depending on whether you have the HTC, Motoblur, or other Android phone, and are often not very popular or user-friendly.

Some Android phones are limited on the number of home screens they can handle with the native launcher, which hampers your ability to truly customize the phone and add widgets or other apps. With the GO Launcher EX, you can not only increase the number of screens available, you can also customize those screens to maximize the space and enhance the overall look so you get a complete theme. Even the appearance of the icons can be tailored to fit in with the overall look of your phone, and you can either use the GO Launcher EX or another program like BetterCut to enhance the look of your icons.

If customization of your phone is your goal, the GO Launcher EX will be a dream come true, with the ability to do things like hide the status bar, hide icon labels, change the size of the grid so you can see larger or smaller icons, change the transition and scrolling options, and add effects like “bulldoze”, “roll”, “wave”, or “windmill” to your transitions.

Another popular feature is the dock on the bottom of the screen that you can load with up to 15 of the apps you use most often. You can scroll through these separate from your homescreens, so they are easily accessible through the shortcut instead of browsing several screens.

Features and Benefits

  • Hundreds of ways to customize your phone
  • Choose from a myriad of themes to make it more personalized
  • Additional downloadable ‘GoWidgets’ allow you to customize even more, including messages, contacts, and calendar
  • Widgets are resizable
  • Transitions are smooth
  • Works on almost all Android phones
  • Everything in the app is completely free


Our phones have become extensions of our personality, so the ability to customize screens and themes is important. When you’re looking for a completely free app to customize the look and feel of your Android phone, the GO Launcher EX is the most popular one available on the market today. Join the millions of Android users who have rated this 4.5/5 stars and start customizing your phone today.

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