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Feel like Facebook is too open? Why not try Everyme? Everyme is a social app that respects your privacy. But it’s not just that; Everyme is a social app that bids itself as a private network. Unlike Facebook and other social apps, Everyme lets you create a Circle of people who you can trust, from family to friends. No one can enter your Circle unless you say so you won’t worry about any stalker checking out your stuff.

Everyme features the option to create a Circle that is created from your address book. This prevents anyone from trying to enter your profile. Everyme also creates Circles for you if you don’t want to create a Circle from scratch. It features the sharing options of Facebook but it doesn’t go to a newsfeed to anyone. It only goes to your friends and ONLY your friends so your friend’s friends cannot see what you share to them. It also features external functions such as your contacts being able to comment on your activities in Everyme without them joining.

Everyme is very easy to use. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to make private groups so you can share with the people you care and trust. The only problem with Everyme is it does auto invitations to people on your address book which can be a problem because it might look like a spam to your friends. They might not like being invited to something they don’t want. But it’s a nice app so I’ll give this app 3 out 5. 

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